3D Output for 3D CAM

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software 3D output to 3D CAM enables you to eradicate manufacturing errors and accelerate product development whilst also reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

SOLIDWORKS is able to produce 3D CAD models as native SOLIDWORKS files or more than 30 different industry formats used in programming 3D CAM, including STEP and IGES. This enables you to save time and reduce the amount of errors that typically arise when 2D drawings alone are sent to manufacturers.

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Key Features

The key features of this software enable you to:
  • Produce 3D models as native SOLIDWORKS files or any other key industry 3D CAD output (including STEP and IGES) that can be read directly by 3D CAM software
  • Avoid the hassle of translating data by using SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold CAM Partner CAD/CAM solutions fully combined with SOLIDWORKS
  • Begin the manufacturing process using 3D models before the 2D drawings have been completed
  • Utilise Model Based Definition (MBD) and MIL-STD-31000 manufacturing solutions which are available through SOLIDWORKS Partners

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