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On Premise Collaboration
What is the 3DEXPERIENCE platform?
The 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables businesses to reach operational excellence by implementing a clear, single source of truth and encouraging active collaboration between all departments.

Key features:
  • Create, edit and review CAD data from any location and on any device.
  • Collaborate with multiple stakeholders, live on the platform.
  • Enhance remote working and drive business continuity.
  • Encourage agile working through articulating vertical domains such as Robotic, Manufacturing, etc., with Industry-specific roles.

3DEXPERIENCE Deployment Options

3DEXPERIENCE on the Cloud enables fast, out of the box deployment which enables you to Collaborate, innovate, and operate anytime, anywhere and from any device.
We can help you customise, configure and implement the solutions that are right for you, using both the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud and On-Premise solutions.
We can support you and your business with implementing, customising and configuring a tailored 3DEXPERIENCE Platform on-premise solution to suit your requirements.

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Customised, Configured, and Coordinated.
While the world is taking off into the clouds, it doesn’t mean that it is the right move for every business. Our Business Transformation team understand that due to company systems, processes or security constraints, cloud deployment isn’t always an option. Because of this, we have a team dedicated to customising and configuring bespoke 3DEXPERIENCE on-premise environments, built to meet all of your requirements.

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Whether you’re making products for use on a construction site, designing the building or managing the construction process, it’s likely you’re doing one of the hundreds of processes that we could help make run better: more efficiently and at a lower cost.

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