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Our subscription service provides you access to expert support, software updates, masterclass webcasts, development events, exclusive productivity tools and more. Discover your exclusive subscriber benefits and claim your offers below.
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Annual Software Upgrades
Access the latest versions of software and stay up-to-date with new features and capabilities.
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Not a subscriber? Enquire via the form below so you can download the latest versions of powerful CAD software.

Click here to discover What's New in the latest release of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.

Rapid Telephone Support
Gain access to the most qualified SOLIDWORKS support team in the world via phone, email and online.
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Our experienced team of certified Applications Engineers and consultants are on call every weekday between 8AM and 5:30PM to help you resolve any issues you may have with SOLIDWORKS.

A rapid pick-up time means you'll be taking to an expert within seconds.

Exclusive Onboarding Resources
Get started using SOLIDWORKS with structured resources and expert guidance for new users.
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Our Onboarding team will help you get the most from your software.

Take advantage of their knowledge, self-help resources, and live sessions to ensure you are maximising your productivity.

Priority Support Ticket Handling
Tickets raised by customers with Enhanced Subscription move straight to the front of the queue.
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Our support desk will recognise that you hold an enhanced subscription and will prioritise the processing of your request.

Please log your support issue as usual, and we will take care of the rest.

Certification Scheme
Obtain free vouchers for the official SOLIDWORKS certification exams with an active SOLIDWORKS subscription.
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Certify your SOLIDWORKS skills with official, CPD-accredited certification exams.

Every license of SOLIDWORKS on subscription comes with complementary exam vouchers so you can get certified.

Certification Workshops
Gain expert guidance to develop your skills to prepare for the SOLIDWORKS certification exams.
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Demonstrate your competence with SOLIDWORKS certifications.

Join our exclusive events at our premises every few months for expert guidance to increase your chances of success in the exams.

Fill the form below to take advantage of the next available certification event.

Save 5% on Training Courses
Progress your professional development with our CPD-accredited SOLIDWORKS training courses.
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Join us in the classroom, at your premises, or online through our virtual training offerings.

View the full list of our SOLIDWORKS training courses and book your next course today!

Online Recap Content
Access exclusive online refreshers with interactive content for any Silver Passport course that you've attended.
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To view recap material, log into your MySolidSolutions account and select My Training Courses from the menu.
Online Skills Assessment
Assess your SOLIDWORKS competence or evaluate potential recruits before they start with our online tool.
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We often get asked to help our customers assess the SOLIDWORKS competence of their employees or potential recruits.

Our online skills assessment tool is available to customers with enhanced subscription to facilitate personal and professional development. Complete the registration form to express your interest.

Create breathtaking product renders with the powerful rendering capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Visualize.
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SOLIDWORKS Visualize enables you to promote your digital sales and display your products at their best by creating professional photo-quality images, animations, and other 3D content in the fastest and easiest way possible.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard is available for subscription customers with licences of SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium, granting access to a library of realistic materials and environments for rendering high quality product images.

SOLIDWORKS CAM is available to all users with an active SOLIDWORKS subscription to streamline manufacturing processes.
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Create 2.5 axis toolpaths quickly from SOLIDWORKS files with SOLIDWORKS CAM. This fully-integrated software is a great fit for those wanting to automate the manufacturing process to reduce the time to production and enhance their product quality.

SOLIDWORKS CAM is included with all licenses of SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional, and Premium on subscription.

SOLIDWORKS Cloud Services
Unlock powerful collaboration, markup, revision and data management tools for SOLIDWORKS.
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The SOLIDWORKS Cloud Services provide tools for revisioning, share & markup, cloud data management and more. These applications provide a brilliant introduction to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform through seamless integration within the SOLIDWORKS interface.

Access formal CAD data management and open the door to powerful tools for advanced simulation, freeform modeling, marketing, and much more on the wider 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Free License of SOLIDQ
Maximise your productivity with powerful task queuing software designed specifically for SOLIDWORKS.
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SOLIDQ is a product developed in-house by Solid Solutions.

SOLIDQ automates batch tasks allowing you to offload tedious and repetitive tasks reducing costly mistakes.

To take advantage of this product, redeem your product code via the form below

Free License of SOLIDX
Save time by customising, automating, and programming key sections of your SOLIDWORKS workflow.
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SOLIDX is a product developed in-house by Solid Solutions.

SOLIDX enables you to automate multiple tasks into a single button click directly inside of SOLIDWORKS.

To take advantage of this product, redeem your product code via the form below

In-Person Development Events
Attend exclusive events to develop your professional network and enhance your skills and productivity.
Free Technical Review Session
Independently evaluate the efficiency of your design team and a receive a detailed analysis with guidance for improvement.
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Our Customer Development team are available to deliver a Technical Review session to evaluate your CAD usage and investigate any issues you are experiencing.

To book your Technical Review, please speak to your account manager or request a call via the form below

SOLIDWORKS Upgrade Assistance
Our engineers will help you plan your upgrade and ensure a smooth transition to the latest release without disruption.
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Please raise your request via the support desk. Give us a call, drop us an email, or log a ticket via the online support portal!

We can then discuss your requirements and help you plan your upgrade.

Save 10% on Development Services
Save on our Customer Development Services, improve your techniques and processes with expert guidance.
5% off Hardware from Solid Print3D
Exclusive offers on 3D printers, consumables and other manufacturing hardware purchased from Solid Print3D.
10% Discount on 3DPRINTUK Services
Exclusive offers on batch production and 3D-printing services purchased from 3DPRINTUK.
Save 10% on Simulation Consultancy
Validate product performance with exclusive offers on our professional simulation consultancy services.
Save 5% on Dell Workstations
Access exclusive discounts on Dell CAD workstations for SOLIDWORKS with Enhanced Subscription.
Free Job Postings
Our recruitment specialists can help you find the right designers and engineers to expand teams without the stress.
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