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Free CAD Software for Entrepreneurs & Startups

Solid Solutions provides free SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software, world leading support and training to start-ups and entrepreneurs across the UK and Ireland. We also have fast going network of partner organisations, known as Hardware labs / studios / Incubators / Accelerators, who benefit from free software and award winning support.

There are two types of licenses which can be applied for, the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs (individual) or the Accelerator/Incubator license (multiple).

Join the growing number of start-ups and entrepreneurs we have helped successfully launch their product to market. Apply for one of the licences below and we can have you up and running in less than 24 hours.


Entrepreneurs & Start-ups

The SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneur Program provides new start-up companies and individuals the CAD software, support and guidance to succeed.

Through our experience, we can ensure you are using the best CAD tools to design, test, simulate, and create your ideas. With our extensive support and training, we provide an unrivalled partnership to help accelerate your route to market.

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Accelerator & Incubators

We support many accelerators and incubators for early stage hardware startups across the UK. Our network of partner organisations benefit from our world leading support to provide the perfect ecosystem for start-up to scale-up success.

Resources include SOLIDWORKS software, training and mentoring to help with the success of the resident companies. Interested in joining the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs program?
**For a quicker set up, add Solid Solutions when prompted for a SOLIDWORKS Value Added Reseller**

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Start-up to Scale-up: The path to becoming an established business

A successful launch of a new product is determined by many factors, the speed of product development to manufacture is a key element. SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs provides a suite of tools that give the user power to streamline everything from initial design, ECAD-MCAD collaboration, material selection, proof of concept, early sales and marketing assets as well as direct output of CAD-CAM and 3D Printing data.

Unique to Solid Solutions is our proven development program for Start-ups, incubators and accelerators. On-boarding, software setup, training and on-site workshops are all part of our effort to ensure you see the full benefit of using the leading 3D CAD software on the market.

Products available on the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs program

  • SOLIDWORKS xDesign (early visibility)
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation
  • SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical
  • SOLIDWORKS Plastics
  • SOLIDWORKS Visualize
  • Composer
  • Installation support from Solid Solutions
  • Online training and
  • Co-marketing opportunities with SOLIDWORKS and Solid Solutions

Solid Solutions' 15000+ customers all started with one idea, hear from some of our most recent successes;


SOLIDWORKS for Incubators and Accelerators

To participate in SOLIDWORKS for Incubators and Accelerators you must be a startup accelerator, incubator, SEED/VC fund or startup-enabling organisation working with hardware startups (not individuals).

SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs

To participate in SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs you must:

  • Have less than £1 Million in funding and less than £1 Million in aggregate lifetime revenue
  • Your product must be a physical product that can be designed in CAD and will be manufactured
  • You must be in business for less than 3 years
  • You are not currently a SOLIDWORKS customer

Online Application Forms

If your are ready to apply, follow one of the links below to complete the online registration form;

Speak to someone before applying

If you still have questions, you can contact Mark Tooley, co-coordinator of the Entrepreneur and Accelerator/Incubator program. Simply fill out the form our call us on 01926333777. We can answer any questions you have and advise you on how best to apply, your chances of success and offer guidance throughout the whole process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur Program?

SOLIDWORKS runs on MicroSoft Windows. It may be that your current hardware will run SOLIDWORKS without any issues or just with a simple upgrade such as a new graphics card. Solid Solutions has been able to negotiate discounts with Dell and we have lots of pre-configured new machines that you can purchase as part of your SOLIDWORKS investment if needed.

How does the SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur licensing work?

SOLIDWORKS has two licensing models. Perpetual and Term. With a Perpetual license you buy the software outright with an optional, annual subscription package that provides upgrades and updates to the software as well as our support services. A Term license purchases the right to use SOLIDWORKS, typically for a fixed period of either six or twelve months. With Term licenses all upgrade and support options are included.

What do I get from the Entrepreneur Program?

Solid Solutions are able to help you organise affordable finance options so that you get to use SOLIDWORKS without having to wait and you pay as you benefit from day one.

What happens when I apply to the Entrepreneur Program?

The answer to this lies in what you do and how you do it, but for most customers SOLIDWORKS can be installed and up and running very quickly. We can train your designers in the basic of SOLIDWORKS with our Essentials course which runs regularly at all of our training venues across the UK.

What happens at the end of the Entrepreneur Program?

Nobody regrets moving from 2D to 3D. Regardless of how simple your designs are or how well suited to traditional 2D design tools they may seem, SOLIDWORKS allows you to work faster and better. Changes made in one place are automatically carried through to every other part of your design process, errors are reduced and you have access to more functionality to help reduce waste.

How do we know if SOLIDWORKS is right for us?

Our account engineers can talk with you to discuss what you do and how SOLIDWORKS can help. We have over 15,000 customers and can give you examples of how businesses similar to your own have moved to SOLIDWORKS .

Is it easy to find users of SOLIDWORKS that we can employ?

Very! If you go to any jobs board and use SOLIDWORKS as a keyword search you will see many more people offering and looking for our software compared to any other major CAD system. It is the number 1 taught 3D CAD software in UK Universities too, so if you are looking to recruit now or as your business grow, then SOLIDWORKS is the future proof CAD choice to use.