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Below you will find our upcoming schedule of live webinars. We have begun this year with the aim of helping you get the most out of 2022, improving your skills and confidence in SOLIDWORKS and benefiting from the technology available to you. Whether you are new to 3D CAD or an experienced user looking to keep up with the latest enhancements, you will find a webinar to help you gain that edge.

The live schedule will be updated regularly, so be sure to bookmark and check back for new listings. Previous, recorded webinars, can be found below the schedule as well as other content from around our site.

FAQs - Some common customer questions
How do I register for a webinar?

To register, simply follow the register button below each listing. This will take you to the registration page where you will complete the registration form. A confirmation email will then be sent.

I can't find my joining link?

You should have recieved a confirmation email from GoToWebinars with a joining link, an additional reminder email will be sent one day and one hour prior to the live broadcast. Please check your junk inbox as these can end up in there. If you still can't find your joining link, get in touch with our suppport desk and we will be able to provide you with a link.

Can I view a recording?

Recordings will be made available in the 'Recent Webcasts' section below. Typically, these are will be added to our website within 48 hours of the live broadcast. Please note, whilst the live broadcast is open to all, the recorded version may only be available to supported SOLIDWORKS customers of Solid Solutions depending on the content.

Who can register for a webcast?

Anyone can register to watch a live broadcast. The subsequent, recorded version, will be added to the site but may only be available to supported SOLIDWORKS customers of Solid Solutions.

I can't find the webinar I am after?

If there is a specific webinar you are after but can't find, please get in touch and we will find it and give you a link to the recording.

Upcoming Webinars

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SOLIDWORKS Basics - Drawings
We have created a 4-part series for people new to SOLIDWORKS or who would like a recap of some of the core principles covered in our SOLIDWORKS Essentials training course. Each webcast will be no longer than 20 minutes, so we hope you can find time to come and join us.

The 4 parts of this series include; Sketching Basics in SOLIDWORKS, Creating Features, Making Assemblies, and finally, Creating Engineering Drawing files from these parts and assemblies.

Part 4 will cover a vital part of engineering - the creation of technical drawings from your models and assemblies. This webcast will show you some of the tools you have at your disposal to help create your engineering drawings to your engineering standards.

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Manage data for complex machinery
6 Golden Rules of Managing SOLIDWORKS Files
Our first in a series of 'On-Demand' webinars looking at file management of your SOLIDWORKS data. When modelling in SOLIDWORKS, before you know it, you will have created lots of parts, assembly and drawing files, so it’s important to think about how you will manage these files and keep everything organised. In this webinar we will discuss the ‘6 Golden Rules’ of managing your SOLIDWORKS files using Windows Explorer and recommended methods for file naming, structuring your projects and managing revisions

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Manage data for complex machinery
What does a Professional CAD Data Management System look like?
Our second instalment in a series of 'On-Demand' webinars looking at file management of your SOLIDWORKS CAD data. Managing your SOLIDWORKS files/data manually using Windows Explorer can be done, but it does have its limitations. As products develop, assemblies become larger with more and more complex data sets. There is no fixed marker of when you should look to implement more secure and professional management systems, some say from the start, but there are indicators.

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Manage data for complex machinery
Our third instalment in a series of 'On-Demand' webinars looking at file management of your design and engineering data. Here we explore the key reasons companies choose to upgrade to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. Understand how you may develop your data management in the future with an upgrade to PDM Professional. Recommended for those who want more from their existing methods of managing CAD data or those who are existing users of SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard. Implemented in a fraction of the time required by other data management solutions, SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional can scale from small workgroups to hundreds of designers located in offices anywhere in the world.

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Manage data for complex machinery
Is SOLIDWORKS Manage really PDM Premium in Disguise!?
Want more from your CAD data? Many companies look for advanced data management capabilities and benefits in other areas of their business that are beyond PDM Professional. Not everyone is aware that SOLIDWORKS Manage is another solution layer that builds on PDM Professional to enhance and extend the benefits of their PDM system into other business areas.

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Manage data for complex machinery
4 Reasons Businesses Invest in Simulation Tools...and 3 Reasons They Don't!
Watch On-Demand! Discover the 4 reasons why businesses invest in Simulation tools as a key part of their R & D process. Hear directly from our customers on the benefits they have gained with this technology. We will also uncover the 3 issues that prevent businesses from adopting these tools and what can be done to overcome those barriers.

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Manage data for complex machinery
What Can You Do in SOLIDWORKS Simulation?
Watch as we explore how design integrated structural Simulation can be used to predict product performance, facilitate innovation, and enable validation of your products through a broad range of powerful analysis capabilities. With Simulation available directly inside SOLIDWORKS CAD, designs can be virtually tested, iterations can be evaluated quickly and a project can be optimised prior to a single prototype being manufactured. Discover exactly what you can do in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2022.

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Manage data for complex machinery
Supercharging Your Simulations with Abaqus Technology
Watch On-Demand and discover what SIMULIA and the latest Abaqus technology is capable of. See how industry-leading Simulation tools powered by Abaqus can solve the most complex simulation challenges and how solving in the cloud can bring the power of high-performance computing to everyone’s desktop.

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Manage data for complex machinery
5 Methods of CFD Simulation for Evaluating Fluids
See how easily CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) can be incorporated into the design process and what additional insight it can provide into product performance. We will also take a glimpse at new cutting edge technologies that can take accuracy and capability to a new level.

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