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Accessible Simulation Technology
scSTREAM has been developed to make simulation technology accessible to more users within the Electronics and AEC industry, with a simple, intuitive interface.

scSTREAM is a general-purpose CFD tool that uses Cartesian or cylindrical structured mesh to enable easy mesh generation and high-speed simulations to be performed in a fraction of the time. Due to the meshing nature and analysis system that enables large-scale calculation, scSTREAM works best at processing extensive simulations, where users are required to solve thermal problems of electronic devices and indoor environment, wind flow, and heat island phenomena.

Why choose scSTREAM?

Wind Flow around buildings
High-rise communities are subject to the intricacies of wind change. They can be subject to, as well as generate, strong winds. The wind environment should be analysed prior to construction since making changes after construction is very difficult and costly.

scSTREAM can simulate accurate geometries by importing the numerical map (GIS format) for a specific building as well as the surrounding buildings. As an example of the ease of use of scSTREAM the following video shows a simple example of setting up a wind flow simulation.
Internal Air Flow
scSTREAM can be used to evaluate HVAC performance within a room in a house, office, or any large interior space. This fluid analysis calculates the distribution of the air velocity and temperature throughout the design space. This enables calculation of exact numerical values within any specific area. This is much more precise than the conventional thermal loading calculation.

CFD enables inclusion/calculation of gas concentrations, solar radiation effects and dew condensation. scSTREAM is also often used for analysing clean room designs which require precise air control.

In a cleanroom, the number of floating particulates in the space is maintained below a certain level. Temperature, humidity, and pressure are also regulated. Using scSTREAM, it is possible to create models of particulates represented in diffusive species or particles and predict how air contaminants distribute and behave in the space.
Pollution Dispersal
CFD can be used for determining exhaust fan location and arrangement in an underground parking area for example. For complex parking area configurations, it is especially important to avoid accumulated gas flow.

scSTREAM generates an index value to quantify ventilation efficiency. In addition to standard computations of gas flow and gas concentration, the user can also easily determine the differences in efficiency for various fan arrangements and levels of performance.

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You might think such a solution would come at a premium price and be accessible to the largest companies. Big companies do not have a monopoly on big problems to solve, that is why, at Solid Solutions, we believe that where possible, access to software and solutions should be accessible.

Because of this, we now offer the MSC One token licensing scheme. This scheme enables access to this powerful problem solver at a price level affordable to every customer. Fill in the form below and we'll be in touch to discuss your requirements

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