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How can I test my SOLIDWORKS ability?
Take our Free Online SOLIDWORKS Skills Assessment
Our online Skills Assessment tool allows users to prove their SOLIDWORKS skills and understand where their knowledge could be improved. The testing levels are designed to challenge users’ knowledge of core principles at key stages of the learning path.
How does it work?
The entire test happens online via our website. You can choose when to start it and you get your results immediately. Watch the video on this page or read the sections below for more information about using the tool and the levels of assessment available.
What is the outcome of the test?
You will be told your result immediately and will also receive a copy of this information via email. All results are recorded so you can contact our team if you need to discuss your results in more detail. Just email us at the following address with your exam ID -
Can I personalise the Assessment for my team?
Yes, this one of our CAD Management Services and with it we offer a range of ways to customize the review to directly target users with different levels of skill or knowledge requirements. View the personalised Skills Assessment Datasheet

If you wish to find out more then please get in touch with your Account Manager or enquire here.
Do I need access to SOLIDWORKS?
All of the assessments we currently offer require the use of SOLIDWORKS. Ideally you should make sure that before taking the test you are using a supported hardware setup and SOLIDWORKS 2016 or newer.
Using The Tool

The tool can be launched directly from this page with no sign up required, though you will need a valid email address to begin a test, the full process of using the tool to take a test is outlined in the video above.

Level 1 - Essentials CAD

Start here! This level is targeted at beginners and should be easily achievable for all users who have attended SOLIDWORKS Essentials training and are comfortable working at that level.

Level 2 - Intermediate CAD

This level is targeted at professional users that have experience using SOLIDWORKS. Users should be familiar with all the core part modelling tools and have a decent grasp of how to efficiently work in the Assembly and Drawing environments.

Team Skills
Personalised Team Skills Review

We offer various ways to customize the Skills Assessment to your business’ needs. Please get in touch with your Account Manager or enquire here so we can guide you through the various options and ensure that the service is carried out in mind of maximum benefit & convenience to you and your team.

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