SOLIDWORKS File Management

SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software aids individuals and small teams in managing project data, controlling their design revisions as well as regulating access to files, which speeds up the design process and improves efficiency.

When designs become increasingly complicated, or additional people become part of a project, a tool for managing your CAD files becomes essential. SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM provides CAD file management for individuals and small groups to help manage project data, control design revisions and regulate access to documents.


Key Features

The features of SOLIDWORKS File Management include:
  • SOLIDWORKS file storage and vaulting
  • Protected check-in and check-out of files
  • Individual and group access rights
  • Automatic revision management
SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM is more suitable for more advanced PDM requirements for example, multiple sites, product release workflow control and access by a large number of users.

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